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Not necessary, but if you have been referred, please let us know who referred you so we can send them a report.

We are contracted to certain medical aids for surgical procedures.

If your eyes are dilated, it’s preferable that you have a driver.

Suite 5, Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital, Alan Paton Drive, between Woodburn Stadium and the Moths clubhouse.

Yes, following your consultation with Dr Harrison, you’ll be referred with a letter from him to a government hospital, and thereafter you will then become a government patient.

Yes, you will have a conscious sedation, which will be billed separately from ours. You will also receive a separate hospital bill.

Yes, but you must please ask the doctor while in consultation and he will write it up for you.

We work according to appointments. Please phone in at all times to make a booking, even if Dr Harrison says he wants to see you in two weeks.

All children should have their eyes examined at birth and again at 6 weeks of age, usually by a paediatrician or other suitably trained healthcare professional. Children should have their eyes checked again at pre-school and again at school. Any squint (strabismus) or other abnormal appearance of the eye must be reported to your doctor immediately, as delayed diagnosis and treatment in childhood may have serious consequences.

  • A visual acuity of at least 6/12 in both eyes; or
  • if you have poor vision in one eye, it must be at least 6/9 in the other eye; and
  • a minimum visual field of 70 degrees temporally in both eyes, or where the minimum visual field in respect of one eye is less than 70 degrees temporal, or where one eye is blind, a minimum total horizontal visual field of at least 115 degrees is required.

These visual requirements may be achieved with or without spectacles. Tests are done at the traffic department, but may also be done by a registered ophthalmologist or optometrist prior to your visit to the traffic department.

Answer: No.

You can phone us directly for an appointment. However, some medical aids do require a referral. Please check with your medical aid.

Answer: Yes.

Following your consultation with Dr Harrison, you can be referred to a government hospital for further care.